Speakeasy: communication skills for work


Lunchtime online sessions for B1 - C1 speakers to gain confidence and competences in English business communication. 

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Is this you?

You need to communicate well in English at work, but you find certain situations stressful:

❗️Important meetings 

❗️Conference calls with speakers from all over the world

❗️Networking or socialising with clients

❗️Speaking in front of an audience or management

In these situations, you can’t find your words and you worry that you’re making a lot of mistakes.

Does this sound familiar?

You've taken English lessons before, but they didn’t help you with your specific issues.

You feel bad for not spending more time learning vocabulary and grammar. 


I have news for you!

Doing grammar exercises and learning lists of words is not going to help you communicate more professionally

The good news is you already have the basics in English.

Now you need specific work to communicate better in the situations you find difficult: 

🌟 Understanding and speaking up in online meetings

🌟 Presenting to colleagues, clients or the board

🌟 Having conversations about non-work topics with your international colleagues and clients

Let's get to work!

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Three different modules: choose one, two or three modules to make your own programme

Your choice of modules

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Module 1: Fluency Club 
September 2021 intake is over! Get on the waiting list for January 2022 

  • Stop feeling blocked when you speak English!

  • We invite special anglophone guests to give you the opportunity to chat with "real people"!

  • Stress-free practice in a small, friendly group (max. 5 people) led by Catherine or another trainer

  • Different activities to get you speaking as much as possible

  • Tips on starting, continuing and ending a conversation in English

  • Learn and use new vocabulary in context

  • Practise speaking about a different topic every week: the topics are decided by you, the participants

  • Speak more clearly with pronunciation practice and advice

  • Get access to our free fluency classes once your training has finished...for as long as you like!


  • 20 sessions of 55 minutes on Zoom

  • 2 levels: B1 and B2-C1

  • Tuesday lunchtimes

  • 12h-12h55 or 13h-13h55 depending on level

  • Starting Tuesday October 5

  • Pay with your CPF or OPCO budget 

  • This module only: 747 euros 

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Module 2: Confident Conference Calls 
Only 7 places available!

  • 8 x 1.5h modules with Catherine to gain confidence in your online meetings in a safe space

  • Learn how to decipher different accents

  • Follow fast speakers and native English speakers

  • Speak up with confidence in your meetings

  • Make a good impression with clear speech

  • Practise for real-life : conference call simulations with "real" participants from around the world

  • Know what to work on in your English with personalised feedback and tips. 

  • Get access to our free fluency classes once your training has finished...for as long as you like!

Practical information:

  • 8 sessions of 1h25

  • 12h30 - 13h55 on Monday lunchtimes on Zoom (bring your lunch!)

  • Start date Monday March 21 2022

  • Pay with your CPF or OPCO budget 

  • This module only: 747 euros 

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Module 3: Powerful Presentations 
Only 7 places available!

  • 8 x 1.5h modules with Catherine to present online or in-person with confidence 

  • Make sure your audience understands and remembers your message

  • Learn how to engage your audience so they don't notice your mistakes 

  • Speak clearly and confidently with great pronunciation

  • Use our framework for dealing with questions without stress 

  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn to deal with stress

  • A lot of practice! 

  • Know what you need to work on, with personalised feedback from Catherine

  • Access to our free fluency classes once your training has finished...for as long as you like! 

Practical information:

  • 8 sessions of 1h25

  • 12h30 - 13h55 on Monday lunchtimes on Zoom (bring your lunch!)

  • Start date Monday January 10th 2022

  • Pay with your CPF or OPCO budget 

  • This module only: 747 euros 

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Live sessions + materials + CPF Leveltel certification + free conversation club once you've finished


1 module of your choice


2 modules of your choice


All 3 modules



Happy Woman


Ce training m'a apporté confiance pour réussir à converser en anglais sur plein de sujets différents. Nous avons eu plusieurs rencontres avec des anglophones et cela m'a permis de mettre en pratique ma connaissance. Belle expérience et personnes toujours très sympathiques dans le groupe.

Professional Woman Sitting


J'ai fait cette formation car je sentais que j'avais besoin de prendre confiance en moi lors de mes réunions en anglais. Ce fût assez difficile pour moi de me mettre en situation et de ne pas hésiter à me lancer ! Catherine m'a beaucoup aidé en me donnant des "tips" pour mes conference call. Je ne regrette absolument pas d'avoir fait cette formation.

Happy Artist


Une mise en situation immédiate pour sortir de sa zone de confort. Des exercices progressifs et des mises en situation adaptées. Une super ambiance et aucun jugement ! Vraiment génial !


Just click on reply to ask me all your questions! 


How do I sign up with my CPF?

Complete the sign up form at the bottom of the page. We will send you a link that takes you directly to the training on your CPF webiste. You can sign up with your CPF budget by clicking link and following the instructions. Here's a useful video about how to do it

I don't have a CPF budget: how can I pay for this programme?

You have several choices:

  1. You can ask your company to pay for your training. We are a recognised training centre by the French government and your company may have a training budget available.
  2. If you are independent, you will have another training fund. Please contact us and we can help you make the request to your OPCO.
  3. You can also pay for the programme yourself. We have installment plans. Please complete the sign up form and we will send you a payment link.

I don't know what my English level is

Don't worry, we can help you. Sign up for a free consultation here and we will see if your level is right for the training.

I'm a beginner. Can I do this training?

No, thjs programme is only for people who are B1- and above. If you would like to do another training, I suggest our individual coaching programme to improve your current level.

If I'm in a group with other French people, won't I just learn more French mistakes?

No! You'll be working with a trainer who is not a native French speaker, who will be able to identify and correct those typical "French" mistakes. In the Fluency Club and Confident Conference Calls trainings, you'll also have the opportunity to practise with "real" English speakers from all over the world!

Who is this training for?

This training programme is for anyone who speaks English at work and wants to work on specific communication skills that you use in your job:

  • Having conversations about different topics with colleagues or clients
  • Listening to or participating in online meetings with international colleagues, clients or partners
  • Presenting, both formally and informally

What happens if I miss a session?

There are no make-up sessions but all the materials and recordings will be available on our platform, Padlet. You will have access to these even if you miss a session. We do have a break for school holidays or if the majority of the participants are going to be absent.

What are the dates of the training?

Fluency Club: Tuesdays 12h - 12h55 / 13h - 13h55 depending on level October 5, 12, 19, 26 November 9, 16, 23, 30 December 7, 14 January 4, 11, 18, 25 February 1, 8, 22* March 1, 8, 15 Powerful Presentations Mondays 12h30-13h55 January 10, 17, 24, 31 February 7, 21, 28* March 7 Confident Conference Calls Mondays 12h30-13h55 March 21, 28 April 4, 7, 25* May 2, 9, 16 * dates may be changed depending on holidays within the group

I don't want to sign up now. Can I sign up later in the year?

We may open fluency club subscriptions for January - June, but it is not sure. Confident Conference Calls and Powerful Presentation Skills will only run once in 2021 - 2022. Places are limited because I want to give you the best and most personalised experience.

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Our method: combining our 4C's framework with neuroscience of learning
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Sign up here!

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