This webinar is based on all the information I got from a 2-day Qualiopi training I attended, which I have since transformed into everything we need as language training providers.


My aim is for you to go away knowing exactly which documents you'll need for each criteria, and what needs to go on those documents. I'll give you an excel file with information for each criteria.


I will also share information from the different auditors I've contacted and information about the audit itself that I learned at the training I attended.


(Please note, I haven't done the audit myself yet, but the trainer at the training I attended had done it and is an auditor himself.)


Also please note that the deadline for doing the audit is most likely going to be pushed back by 6 or 12 months - good news as it's a lot of work!

Qualiopi webinar: Monday 30th March 9-11am

25,00 €Prix