How to stop translating in your head from your own language to English!

First of all, do you need to stop translating? It's totally normal to translate in your head from your own language to English. You're an adult and you're learning a language in the frame of your mother tongue. When you're a beginner, you need to translate! The more advanced you get, the less you'll do it and the easier it will be to think in the new language.

Translating into English from your own language still happens, even at an advanced level, when you are talking about something complex, something that's just above your current level. You may find that you arrive at a dead end and you have to stop and say what you want to say in a different way.

This is when you need to understand more about how English is structured, and how that is different from how your language is structured. For example, if you focus on using a verb to explain what you're saying, rather than a noun, creating the rest of the sentence in English will be easier.

Watch this video for 3 tips on things you can do to help you speak without translating!

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