Professional English for the Flavours & Fragrance Industry

As we are based in Grasse, the capital of perfume, we work a lot with companies in the Flavours & Fragrance industry, and can offer specialised English training for your teams in all departments:

  • Your production operators, who need to understand English for your software systems

  • Your R&D teams, who need to be able to effectively present their research to internal and external stakeholders

  • Your sales teams, who need to talk about your products and lead persuasive smelling sessions

  • Your marketing teams, who need to transmit your company's ethos and write effective social media posts and other marketing material

  • Your QC teams, who need to communicate with suppliers and colleagues around the world

  • Your supply chain team, who are working closely with external suppliers and service providers

  • Your top management, who need to be effective public speakers to be able to transmit your company's message to the world

Are you in the Flavours & Fragrance sector? Contact us to talk about your international communication and professional English needs. Send us an email or schedule a call:

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7 Avenue Michel Chevalier, 06130 Grasse

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