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Imagine that you could speak English fluently, without looking for your words or tripping over your sentences. Imagine that you could maintain your fluency, even when you don't have people around you to practise with. Imagine that you could improve your pronunciation and speak more clearly. 

We have the solution for you!

We offer small group lessons (3-4 people of the same level), online via Zoom or Teams, at lunchtime or at the end of your working day (or at another time depending on the availabilities of your group.)

We will do fun activities to activate your English, conversations on different topics, games and a lot of speaking practice. 

If you are in France, you can pay with your CPF (compte personnel de formation) budget: 20h of classes at 550€ with a Pipplet FLEX test at the end.

Download the complete fluency class programme

Inscrivez-vous maintenant pour les cours qui commencent à partir du 25 janvier! 

Les créneaux des cours: 

Lundi 12h 12h55 - avancé (B2 - C1)         

Lundi 13h - 13h55 intermédiaire (B1)

Mardi 17 - 17h55 intermédiaire (B1) 

Vous pouvez choisir votre créneau en fonction de votre niveau et vos disponibilités.

Vous n'êtes pas sûr de votre niveau? Cliquez ici pour prendre rdv pour vérifier votre niveau actuel. 

20h small group fluency class

10h individual language coaching 


Pipplet FLEX certification


20h small group fluency class

5h individual language coaching 


Pipplet FLEX certification


20h small group fluency class 


Pipplet FLEX certification


I don't have any CPF budget.

If you don't have any CPF budget, you can choose to pay for the training yourself, or use another training fund (fifpl...) Contact us for more information about other funding options or click below to schedule a call.

How do I sign up?

If you have CPF (to find out, go to the Mon Compte Formation site and create an account with your social security number) you can buy the training directly from there, following the links above. Otherwise you or your company can pay for the training directly, or use another training fund (if you are self-employed for example.) Please contact us for more details about other training funds.  

We will then contact you to have a 15 minute chat so we can put you into the right class for your level. 

What do we do in an online class?

I'm a beginner. Can I join a fluency class?

This training programme is for people who have a minimum B1 level in English. If you are a beginner we suggest you follow an individual language coaching programme with us. 

What is the Pipplet FLEX certification?

To do any training through the CPF, you need to do some kind of certification. We use Pipplet FLEX: it's a test you do at your own computer, it takes 30 minutes and you have to answer some questions orally as well as do a little bit of writing (answering an email for example.) 

The test is marked by a real English-speaker and the next day you'll receive a certificate that tells you your CEFR level (A1 - C2) and which areas of English you are good at and where you can improve. 

We love this test because it's a test of real English! 

What happens if I can't attend a class?

You can attend another class of the same level during the same week. Otherwise there are no make-up classes. However, if everyone in the class is going to be absent on the same week (if it's school holidays for example) we can postpone the class. 

What technology do I need?

We use Zoom for group classes as it has the best functionalities to make sure you all get to speak as much as possible. If you cannot use Zoom because of work restrictions, we have other options (Teams, Skype..)

I'm embarrassed about speaking English in front of other French people. Wouldn't individual lessons be better? 

The whole point of fluency classes is to get you to be able to communicate with anyone in English, without stress or embarrassment. Our classes are fun and friendly, no judgement allowed. The teacher will make sure that everyone has the opportunity to speak and can finish the programme feeling a lot more confident about speaking English. 

However, we also offer a package with individual lessons: these individual sessions are to help you focus on what you need in English for your professional or personal life. They are adapted to your needs only.

I have more questions...can I speak to someone? 

Yes, you can schedule a call with us here. Don't worry, we speak French!

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