Here are 3 videos to help you become more fluent in your English speaking!

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How can you speak English more fluently when you don't have the opportunity to practise? How do you maintain your level of fluency in English? I'm going to give you some cool tips on getting more fluent in English in this 3 part series.


In part 1 we talk about learning English vocabulary, why it's important and how to do it. I'll also tell you about spaced repetition and how it's the best way of memorising words and vocabulary. Brain-friendly learning with the neuroscience behind it!

This time you'll learn how the brain retrieves vocabulary from your brain and how to practise so you can get your words out quickly, without always pausing and searching for your words.

In this video, you'll learn about an idea that's a little bit crazy, but has neuroscience research that shows it's an excellent way of reducing anxiety and therefore making it easier for you to speak English more fluently and to not worry about your mistakes.