Confident Spoken English 

Note globale de la formation: 9,2 / 10

You use English for your work, you are around A2+ / B1 level but you are not confident in your spoken English.

You want to speak more fluently, more clearly and be sure that everyone will understand you.

You're not sure how to start or continue a conversation.

You would love to be able to chat easily to colleagues, clients and friends in English, without feeling stressed. 

Duration: 2-days intensive

Place: Intra-company on your premises, inter-company at our premises in Grasse

Programme content:

  • Useful phrases for starting and continuing a conversation 

  • How to talk about everyday topics

  • Preparation of 3-4 subjects in depth, with vocabulary

  • Correct your typical pronunciation errors

  • Speak more clearly and fluently

  • What questions you can ask other people and how

  • How to decode native speakers' speech

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