CPF (compte personnel de formation) is the French system of training funding : everyone can have access to professional development training. If you work in France, your account is automatically credited with 500-800 EUR per year, which can be cumulated over 5 years. To see all our training eligible for the CPF, click here. You can buy the training directly on the CPF website or app, and you just need your social security number to log in. 


Develop your spoken English skills to be more confident in your international professional life

One-to-one or group training sessions in your company or by Skype to focus on the English you need for your work. This can be a simple programme, or a blended learning solution. 

The evaluation at the end of the course is Pipplet Flex, an online test of oral English. 


Get ready to work in an international environment

One-to-one or group training programmes (depending on your needs and your CPF funding), face-to-face or by Skype to focus on improving your English level in general. 

You can also choose a blended learning solution, Gymglish or English Attack. 

CPF qualification: TOEIC, Gymglish or Pipplet FLEX


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