Overall client evaluation: 9/10

Do you feel like you don't understand everything on your conference calls?

Do you have difficulties with certain accents or certain speakers?

Do some people (especially native speakers) speak too fast and use difficult vocabulary?

Do you worry about speaking up on conference calls?

If so, this programme is for you!

Duration: 2 days in person / 3-4 half days online (Zoom or other)


  • Gain confidence in speaking clearly on your conference calls

  • Learn how to decode different accents

  • Be able to decode fast speech

  • Use sentence stress to understand and to speak clearly

  • Progress through intensive practice with real speakers

  • Learn and practise useful phrases for your conference calls

  • Real-life practice and feedback

What our clients say

A lot of good tips and ideas to practice more

Interactive - various topics - good and motivating trainer

Attractif, interactif, mise en situation


7 Avenue Michel Chevalier, 06130 Grasse

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