I'm Catherine, founder, trainer and coach at Aygen Training.

We can help you:

Make a good impression in your international communication.

Deliver your message clearly, confidently and fluently. 

Perfect your English communication quickly so you can focus on your work, not on your English   

For HR: Efficient, innovative and enjoyable training for your teams

Cost-effective results

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Improve your English quickly, with training 100% tailored to your needs and your goals.


You are looking for a fun and innovative way to get fast results for your business communication needs.


You want the ease and convenience of following live online training or blended learning


You're in France and you want to use your CPF (compte personnel de formation) budget to pay for your training


  1. You want to work with someone who understands your needs as a professional. We have worked in and with different international businesses around the world. 

  2. You want someone who understands the problems faced by French-speakers. We speak French and we use French as a foreign language daily. We understand your pain!

  3. You need to improve in the areas you need for your work, quickly and efficiently. Our personalised professional English communication workshops will help you reach your goals effectively. 

  4. You can also follow longer Professional English Communication programmes & coaching, 100% based on your needs.

  5. Use your CPF budget!

  6. You don't want old-fashioned, boring lessons. Our trainers are highly experienced, qualified and up to date with the latest language learning science and teaching methods. 

Ce que disent nos clients
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"During my career I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many English and American musicians...but I have always been frustrated at not being able to communicate. I am happy today to be able to exchange ideas, to discuss and understand English. I think I've made huge strides with the methodology Catherine uses, and her natural and lively way. I am very grateful."

Richard Galliano, Musician


"Après 2 formations enrichissantes avec Catherine, je ne peux que la recommander: belle approche pédagogique et contenu personnalisé pour des formations percutantes et pertinentes"

Laurie, Account Manager


We are based in Grasse, France, but we travel for in-company workshops and training. And we can do 99% of our training online! 


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7 Avenue Michel Chevalier, 06130 Grasse

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