One-to-one language coaching: efficient & effective 

At a high level, you need to make sure you perform as well in English as in all areas of your work. One-to-one bespoke coaching identifies your exact needs and works on them in the most efficient way. Maximise your time by focussing on what strategies work for you to achieve your goals.

How does language coaching work?

During the first session, we do a deep analysis of your language and professional / personal needs. We identify where your lacks are. Together, we will set goals to work on, you will choose which are the most important for you to work on first and we will decide how you would like to work on them.

Throughout our time together, we will review and re-evaluate your goals to keep you on the right track. 

The whole process is guided by you, your needs and your goals, working alongside the me, the language coach. I provide the expertise in helping you reach your goals efficiently and effectively. 

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